Frequently Asked Questions

Our Services

What do the Learning Environments team do?

We are responsible for providing learning environment services to staff and students across Banbury and Bicester, City of Oxford, Reading and Bracknell and Wokingham Campuses. This includes lending books, eBooks, collating reading lists for courses and providing spaces for use by students.

When are you closing today?

You can find the Opening Hours for each campus: here.

Who can use the learning environments?

All members of staff and students of Activate Learning are able to use the Learning Environments.

How much does it cost to print?

You are given £5.00 print credit at the start of the year. You can top this up online. As at the learning environment counter for details.

Printing Costs by Type:

Black and White Colour
A4 single-sided 3p A4 single-sided 4p
A4 double-sided 5p A4 double-sided 7p
A3 single-sided 4p A3 single-sided 5p
A3 double-sided 7p A3 double-sided 9p
How do I top up my print credit?

Check out this how-to guide for more information.

How do I print/scan/copy?

Check out this how-to guide for more information on how to print, scan or photocopy.

Our Catalogue

How can I find out what materials are available in the Learning Environment?

All items held by the Learning Environments are catalogued on the online catalogue. This will tell you how many copies we have and where they are located, so that you can ensure you request a book available on your campus.

Click and Collect
Please be aware that while we operate a Click & Collect service, we will need to quarantine books for 3 days before and after lending, so this will affect how long you need to wait for your books.

Accessing Resources

Can I access materials from home or outside of college?

We have a wide range of electronic resources which are available offsite. They can be accessed from the course resources page and the online catalogue.

How do I log on to my online catalogue account?

If you access the catalogue via your Activate  Learning login, you should already be logged in. If not please use your student number and date of birth in the format DDMMYY.

How do I request Books from other campuses?

Due to COVID-19, we have suspended inter-site loans. You can check whether a book is available on your campus before you reserve them for click and collect.

Borrowing from the Learning Environments

How many books can I borrow?

10 books.

How long can I borrow a book for?

Most books are available on three week loans and there are some one week loans. You can normally renew the loans twice, as long as no-one else has reserved the book.

How can I renew a loan?

In person at the learning environment counter , by telephone, by email or online by your library account

How much are your fines?

Zero. We don’t charge fines on late books.